When it comes to remodeling an older home, you don't need to go all-out and rip out everything. In fact, the best way to make over your house is by adding details that complement its original design rather than overwhelm it. That's why we've compiled this list of small-but-impactful Victory Home Remodeling updates for old homes. They'll improve the overall look and feel without breaking the bank.

Choosing a classic look for major elements

In the bathroom or kitchen, you can use a classic look to offset modern updates. For example, if you have an open shower with a large shower head and steam-free mirror, choose a clawfoot tub or farmhouse sink instead of more contemporary options.

Combine different types of lightingto create a unique design

When you're remodeling, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of using the same type of lighting for the entire room. But this can actually make your space look smaller and more boring. Instead, choose a mix of different styles and types of lighting that makes your home feel more interesting and unique.

Use patterned tile on the kitchen backsplash or entryway

As you consider remodeling ideas for your old home, think about how you can use tile in various ways. Tiles are often used as a decorative element on the kitchen countertops or entryway. They can also add a decorative element to your bathroom, and they can even be used as flooring!

Tiles are great because they're easy to install yourself and they come in many different patterns and colors. You might want to use tiles that have an old-fashioned look or something more modern-looking for your kitchen backsplash or entryway.

Focus on creating a cohesive feel

If you have an older home, chances are it's been around for a while. You can update the interior of your house by remodeling with modern elements that still reflect the charm of your home's history. By choosing to use similar colors, patterns and fabrics throughout your home, you can create a cohesive feel that adds personality without being overwhelming.

Consider using wallpaper instead of paint on focal walls

If you're looking for a way to add some interest and flair to your room, consider using wallpaper instead of paint on focal walls in the bedroom or office area. Choose a pattern that is not too busy and not too bold, and choose a color that is not too light nor too dark.

Use stencils and paint to add decorative detail

Stencils can also be used to add a pattern or detail to a plain surface. For example, you could stencil an accent wall in your kitchen or living room. You could even stencil the wooden top of a coffee table for an interesting twist on traditional home decorating.

Removing drop ceilings to expose the original ceiling height can produce a dramatic difference. If needed, install beams that mimic exposed wood ceilings in older homes. Beams are great for adding architectural interest to a room and can also be used to create more space or cozy window seats.

If you’re looking to add space but don’t want to alter the exterior of your home, consider adding additional stories on top of your existing building. This expansion technique works especially well in homes where there is already room underneath another floor.Adding another story will give you more living space above while maintaining the original aesthetic of your old house.