Discounts & promo offers were long a part of business marketing and the trend seems to have gathered pace in the US print media industry. If as a newsreader you have long been searching for some alternative beyond the high stand prices, the industry seems to have answered your call. You can now pick up subscription coupons for most print mediums and being an avid newsreader, this should arouse keen interest. The list of newspapers offering these coupons is a big one and includes some premium names such as The Wall Street Journal. It is the leading news daily offering conclusive updates on a vast range of topics. Americans have been reading the WSJ since 1889 and it should continue over the next hundred years. 

All about The Journal

This is a print medium, which has been in circulation for the past 130 years. It has been offering quality news in the most detailed manner and that has been the secret to its success.  The highlight of The Journal news is the business segment and here readers are briefed on the developments in the corporate world. You might not be a business honcho but if you invest in the equity markets, this segment can be of immense help. It briefs you on all the business developments and should help you to make a wise investment decision. The Journal covers a lot more than business news and you can read extensively on politics & general affairs. You can expect sports & editorials to read and there are endless options for a newsreader. 

Let us take about the discounts

Beyond quality news reporting this print medium has been offering packages such as Wall Street Journal teacher discount and this should excite you. If the high stand prices have been bothering you, this should be the alternative solution. You will have to buy coupons at a discounted rate and with the option of saving money in front of you, any sensible reader would oblige. You might have to pay the cash in advance, but that should not be a worry. The Dow Jones Company has fame & reputation and they will put it at stake by depriving you. Hence, you can expect a fair deal and there is something more to say. You can book digital coupons and get direct access to the website. This way you no longer have to rely on any physical form of delivery. 

Complete the formalities with help from an agency

There are formalities to complete as you intend to read The Journal in the subscription coupon format. There is a processing process to undergo and it would be prudent to make sure that an agency is coordinating these matters with the source on your behalf. They will make sure that the processing is a lot quicker and will offer you the necessary customer support.  It is through the agency you can seek access to the official website of The Journal. Upon completion of the payment, the agency will give you login access to the website and you continue reading the news updates in a relaxed manner.